Patch Notes 1.0 Early Access Launch

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Patch Notes 1.0 Early Access Launch

Postby dbltnk » 01 Feb 2017, 20:37


These are the Patch Notes for the version 1.0 February 23rd 2017 Steam Early Access release. Please check out our list of known issues before playing and reporting bugs.

These Patch Notes are available on the following languages:

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To know the details of this update, please look at the list below:

  • Steam Support: There is no more username/email loading screen. You now start The Exiled from Steam and get automatically logged in. This also enables a ton of other Steam features such as a lightning-fast patcher and a great screenshot tool ( F12 ).
  • Localization into six languages: You can now play The Exiled in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. This was made possible by the relentless efforts of our amazing volunteer team.
  • Re-designed in-game UI: All ingame windows have gotten a visual and usability treatment. The Character and Equipment screens have been merged. Dojo and Workshop have received major redesigns.
  • Ingame Music: We've started to add in-game music to the game. Music is context-sensitive and will react to where you are in the game and what happens around you.
  • Vanity Pets: Vanguard and Harbinger level supporters will be the first players to be accompanied by (purely visual) pets. They won't interfere with combat or have a negative performance impact. They're just cute.
  • Chat Report: Added a button that allows you to report violations of the code of conduct in the in-game chat.

Balancing Changes
  • Removed the veteran debuff for "normal" players (formerly rank B). Only *, ** and *** players will now be debuffed in the desert.
  • Increased world defense donation requirements per round and decreased early respect gains through donations.
  • Down-time for knocked out characters now scales with player rank. Newcomers have a shorter downtime, veterans a slightly increased one.
  • Newcomers using their stash now get the same on-attack invulnerability buff as when using a dojo or workshop.

Ability Changes
  • Heal Wounds (Staff): Increased self-heal, decreased heal other.

Usability Changes
  • You can now use unlimited stashes all around the world map, not just one. Those stashes are not connected, you still need to move your loot around on foot if you want to change your home base.
  • Improved tutorial sign placement and texts to make it a bit easier for newbies to get into the game.
  • Made sure that you can properly see footsteps in the swamp biome.
  • Tutorial servers now get automatically selected primarily by ping, making sure you get the best ping when starting out.
  • Added a "are you sure you want to recall and drop your items" popup to make this mechanic very clear.
  • Merged the characters stats ( C ) and equipment windows ( B ) into one window.

Map Changes
  • Massively improved collision detection. Your character now does not get stuck on environment colliders anymore.
  • Added more major roads to the game, especially connecting the swamp biome to the desert and the mountains.
  • Roads have been changed so that they now adhere to a strict 45-degree-system. That means they are easily walkable with ( W - A - S - D ) and you do not need to correct your path every few seconds.
  • Massively improved environment art variety both for "blockers" (forests etc.) and for resource camps.
  • Added walls to small settlements to give smaller clans some additional protection.
  • Re Added three types of different refineries and spread them among the to the medium and big settlements.
  • Added more exits to neutral towns to make sure that they're not too much of a death trap.
  • Fixed a number of invisible colliders in the swamp.
  • Fixed an invisible grass patch in the swamp.
  • Fixed a bug that made a number of small environment assets flicker.
  • Removed all grey cubes from the swamp biome. Good bye, cube buddies!

Visual and Audio
  • Improved all default attack animations and added animation cancelling to make sure animations always feel snappy and instant.
  • Fixed a lot of broken animations (Meditation, looting, etc.).
  • Added new VFX for root and snare plus a couple of other VFX improvements (physical and mental corruption).
  • Fixed the Lunge VFX that had the tendency of sticking around longer than it was actually welcome.
  • The swamp biome now has a much more fitting ground color that makes it less dark and depressing.
  • Resource camps environment assets now fit the biome they live in.
  • Added a new app icon.
  • Added a number of sound effects to the game menus and common actions.

Performance Changes
  • Merged small assets in our environments, increasing render performance.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the game from properly downloading the latest map files.
  • Moved to a new email delivery provider to make sure your registration and feedback emails get delivered in time.
  • Fixed the audio volume sliders to make sure they actually remember their current value.
  • Make sure that game worlds get the proper donation requirement on their first day.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to some players spawning outside of the tutorial area.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made your character invisible even outside of brushes.
  • Fixed a bug that lead to some newbies actually being flagged as veterans.
  • Made sure that newcomers always spawn at one of the bottom three towns after the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to your character to forget the rez, gank and recall abilities.
  • Added our esteemed volunteers and more development supporters to the to credits(WiP).
  • Fixed a bug where the level up popup was filled with bogus data.
  • Made sure that players do not linger outside of the actual world map.
  • Fixed a hand full of potential server crashes.
  • Fixed a bug that made the "items" menu button invisible and prevented you from accessing your skins and animations.
  • Made sure that every player has a valid reply address in their bug report and feedback messages.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some particle effects to stay in the game world forever.
  • Made sure that the game always has the latest localization texts on startup.
  • Audio sliders now behave as expected and do not turn off sound around 70%.
  • Fixed a bug that lead to respawns at the wrong spawn points.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented clan leaders from removing people who had access to a building or were blocked.
  • Fixed a bug that added outdated buildings in abandoned settlements.

Thank you for supporting The Exiled, do not hesitate to share your feedback with us and visit our Image

The Exiled Team

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