Alpha Launch Exploitation

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Re: Alpha Launch Exploitation

Postby Zedulac » 03 Dec 2016, 06:06

I've been having the same problem on US Winter, with a guy named papanugala or something similar... he was on before i went to work at 11 eastern time and then when i come back and get some levels and go to forest he is there hunting me down basically. i can never kill him because he teleports outside of melee range all the time. even when i land stuns or teleport stun with leather armor i get couple hits off while he is stunned then hes out of range... really enjoying the game i was enjoying it a lot before that..

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Re: Alpha Launch Exploitation

Postby ub3r » 03 Dec 2016, 07:21

zerus wrote:Not a dev so my answer does not count for much, but as far as I know it is a common technique to wait with implementing sanity-checks and anti-cheat to not give hackers too much of a heads-up in terms of cracking the security measures. Also because there are more important things first(i.e. making the game fun and complete in terms of gameplay).
So just because it's not in yet does not mean it won't be in the future!

Obviously this does not make it okay to hack right now, but it's also not easy to handle. Hopefully devs come up with a good solution so that the Alpha does not get disrupted by this anymore.

I agree that taking care of hackers is a top priority for this game in the long run, and I think the devs know that as well.

The whole anti-cheating philosophy of "let them cheat, catch them all, ban them all" was really made popular by Blizzard with many of their titles. The paradigm of allowing people to run your game into the ground to ensure you ban more cheaters is LITERALLY a money making scheme for the company. If companies like Blizzard actually cared more about their product and were less greedy, they wouldn't let cheaters ruin their games and piss off their community for months JUST so they can write a headline on GameSpy saying how fucking awesome they are for banning tens of thousands of players, meanwhile reporting record sales as all the banned addicts just buy the game again.

The only good stance against this is an aggressive one. You need to start issuing hardware bans to these kids immediately.

One easy automated approach to stopping teleport hackers on a game without server authoritative movement is to have the server CONSTANTLY track the distance between each player's position updates and have it to the math to compare run speed over time vs actual distance traveled since last check, obviously taking into account if the player used a legitimate teleport skill since the last update. The faster you run the method, the more accurately you'll catch people. You'll also have to take network connections into account, as your server probably has some sort of dead reckoning / extrapolation system for movement.

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Re: Alpha Launch Exploitation

Postby zerus » 03 Dec 2016, 16:19

Im not saying they are waiting to ban people to catch more at once. Actually I have no idea about their plans regarding that.

I am just saying that the game is in such an early development state that it is not always easy to handle, especially for a small team that needs prioritize.
I am sure they have plans for taking care of cheaters though!

And as I said - Im not part of the dev team. I just write guides and stuff :P

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