Dev. Introductions - Meet the FairyDist Team!

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Dev. Introductions - Meet the FairyDist Team!

Postby Emissary » 25 Nov 2015, 11:27

Hey guys!

As part of our new content plan, we want to take the time to introduce ourselves. As with some of the other weekly posts, you can find a corresponding thread in the General Discussion forum where you can ask questions.

Once we have introduced all members of the team we will be converting this into a department spotlight, where we will go over what each section of development has been up to lately :)

One of our newer members, Jonas, will be introducing himself first. If you don't see that post below, it is because we are still putting together the thread, check back in a little while!

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Re: Dev. Introductions - Meet the FairyDist Team!

Postby Emissary » 25 Nov 2015, 11:41

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to introduce a new team member, and to do so I am going to be asking him a few questions. So mysterious person, why don’t you tell us the basics! What is your name and where do you hail from?

Jonas: Hey, I’m Jonas and I’m 20 years old, Half-Brit and Half-German but I identify more with Britain than with Germany.

David: And how did you find yourself here at FairyDist? And I guess more specifically, what’s your position in the team?
Jonas: I’m a Freelance Community & Social Media Manager since I’ve left my employment as a Community Manager for a AAA MMORPG with a Karlsruhe based Publisher. Alex got me on to the team as a Freelancer, filling the Communications Manager position. Thanks for that, by the way! ;D

David: What was you motivation in joining us here? And how are you liking things so far?
Jonas: You know, I of course enjoy the work. I always and only work with companies or people, where I can proudly say that I stand behind the product and that I feel that I’m able to present the product without having to lie. That’s why I for example would never apply for a position at a company just for the money or the reputation. So yes, you can definitely say that I enjoy to help out and ramp up the communications. =)

David: To go a little bit more in-depth now: What games do you currently play, and have you ever played professionally?
Jonas: Good questions! Actually, the answer is yes. :D I’ve been a professional World of Warcraft player with the best Allianz Guild in the world, and I loved it! I mean, I was an active player for over 7 years so I kinda love the game and the whole lore, like everything! :D But I “retired” from WoW about 2 years ago and since then the only MMO I’m playing is EVE Online while I’m also active in Elite: Dangerous, League of Legends and Battlefield.

David: And how do being an ex-pro gamer and a Community Manager fit together?
Jonas: Well, I’ve never been good at programming and stuff. But I’ve always been amazing at one thing: never ending talking with the absolute power of not needing to breathe for a looooong time. ;D I’m good with people and I enjoy talking to people. And additionally to that, I’m great with Social Media and Communications so the decision to work in this field wasn’t a hard one. :) And…well…since I’m useless for any other stuff as communications and talking but still wanted to work in the games industry, I didn’t really have a choice. :D

David: Fair enough. Well thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, I am sure everyone will see more of you soon. Or at least we’ll see you crawling around our Social Media and the board, lurking in the shadows!
Jonas: Of course, to say it in Das Tal terms, I’m a shadow, my robe and my scythe protect me and you will only see me, when it’s too late! ;D Cheers!
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Re: Dev. Introductions - Meet the FairyDist Team!

Postby Emissary » 02 Dec 2015, 15:53

The time has come to introduce another team member, and this week it will be Filippo, our talented composer!


Filippo recently took part in an interview on Video Game Music Online, which had some fantastic questions. The interview was conducted by Chris Greening, and I highly recommend checking it out over on their site. It is very interesting hearing how Filippo pushed to have music in games be taken more seriously at Berklee. What I am going to post below is chunks taken directly from Chris' interview, as well as a few extra parts Jonas asked Filippo yesterday. Filippo is around and is definitely able to answer your questions, so make sure you post them in the discussion thread!

Jonas: Hey Filippo, tell us a bit about yourself!

Filippo: Hi! I’m a freelancer composer and sound designer for games. I’ve been living and working in Munich for the last 5 years, and virtually all my projects have been in some form or another video game related!

Jonas: What do you do at Fairytale Distillery, and specifically on the project “Das Tal”?

Filippo: I supervise the audio part of the game. Das Tal is very different to the typical title, which has a “standard” set of sound effects and background music. We decided to let the ambience of the world not be “disturbed” by soundtrack-like music, so we have places in the map itself that feature instruments like windchimes, windharps, howling rocks..and we’ll expand upon this idea a lot in the near future. I’ve composed the main theme of the game, and sound effects wise I coordinate two talented sound designers, Ramon Alcala and Philipp Sellier, who occasionally add SFX for new skills, weapons and so on.

Jonas: Do you play in your freetime? Are you a gamer yourself?

Filippo: Yes! Most definitively :)

Jonas: What games do you enjoy the most? Any particular reason why?

Filippo: Well, I enjoy horror titles like Silent Hill and (especially) the Project Zero series. I like games that flirt with cinema, but give the player the responsibility to determine the outcome of a story! (Until Dawn is a recent title that was a lot of fun to play, too)

Jonas: What made you choose your career path, and what do you like about it?

Filippo: Being a freelancer, there’s a lot of variety from project to project, and I enjoy that a lot. I’d say that I’m just very happy to be able to work in this field, since that was a clear goal ever since before college! For someone making music and sound, I think games is just the most thrilling place to be right now.

---From VGMO---

Chris: A game music aficionado, you were the president and bandleader of the VGMC (Video Game Music Club) at Berklee. Can you tell us about what inspired these activities and what they involved?

Fillipo Beck Peccoz: I have to say that although I love the world of film, my decision of studying film scoring stemmed from the absence of an actual video game music degree back in 2006. I just went with the “closest” field!

While at Berklee, I had this idea of bringing together more students who love game music, at first with the intention of listening to old soundtracks and generally create a meeting place for game music lovers. This quickly evolved into a mission: making game audio a recognised and respected field at the college. All the people who joined the club and I had this desire to see it happen at Berklee. We started organizing events with professionals from the industry, from Tommy Tallarico to Clint Bajakian, Chance Thomas and several other talented composers. We were determined to give game audio a voice at Berklee.

Many professors, especially Dan Carlin and Jeanine Cowen, supported our endeavours to make game audio “bigger” at the school. We eventually got invited to play video game covers at the G.A.N.G. Awards during GDC for two years in a row, strengthening the relationships between the school and the industry (also, first time at GDC with friends, sponsored by your college, and asked to play music in front of some of your heroes… we were completely floored by the opportunity).

Chris: Do you think such activities were a cornerstone for Berklee becoming a renowned school for video game music?

Fillipo Beck Peccoz: With Berklee being such a forward thinking school, I’ve no doubt that it would have happened sooner or later. But we definitively gave a big speed boost to the process: not only through the events and such, but also because we were all so passionate about the subject.

After about a year and a half since the club was founded, and while I was still a student, the school hired Michael Sweet as the first interactive music professor and the first prototype courses for game audio appeared. It was so exciting! These felt like, and truly were, pioneering days.

By now, Berklee offers a minor in Video Game Composition and nobody questions the importance of game audio at all anymore. The club is still very active today and has spawned projects like the Video Game Orchestra (VGO) and the Video Game Choir, both very successful. Many ex-members from the earliest times are now actively working in the industry, which makes me happy!

As I said, I highly recommend reading the interview, it is very interesting. Please do throw out some questions to Filippo also! Our audio plans are pretty awesome, and I would love to see it discussed more as it has not received much of a spotlight yet!

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Re: Dev. Introductions - Meet the FairyDist Team!

Postby Emissary » 09 Dec 2015, 17:06

For this week's interview, Jonas and myself chatted with Alexander, who has been working on some awesome new visual effects for Das Tal. Read below, and check out some of the effects for yourself, and don't forget to drop into the discussion thread if you have any comments or questions!

Jonas: Hey Alexander, or do you prefer Alex? Might you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Alexander: I prefer to use Alexander, thanks! I’ve been a freelancer VFX-artist in the games development industry for about 6 years, and I’m living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I wasn't born here though, I come from a town called Novorossiysk. It’s a very small, beautiful town in Russia’s South, located near the Black Sea.


Jonas: That’s nice to hear! So, what do you particularly enjoy about game development that you decided to give it a try 6 years ago?

Alexander: I like the process of developing; solving complex problems or even the attempts to find solutions. I especially like the reaction of people when they play your game for the first time.

Above: Spell effect for 'Earthquake'

Jonas: Nice, I can totally understand that. I also experience this heart warming feeling sometimes when I see people playing a game I was responsible for, or where I still am responsible. But while we talk about gaming, are you a gamer yourself? Are there any particular games you enjoy?

Alexander: That’s a very hard question to be honest, as I enjoy a lot of games. But well, my favourite ones are NOX, Diablo 2, Enclave, Blade Of Darkness, Torchlight, Darksiders and many more! You know, I’m a huge fan of RPG’s and MMORPG’s but that’s obvious if you look on the list above. ;D But I also play a lot different MOBA’s so it’s kind of diverse here!

Above: Effects for place, idle and tripped for our traps

David: In your time working with Fairytale Distillery, what have you mainly focused on?

Alexander: I'm creating visual effects for spells and such based on description, but I'm trying to realise my own ideas and style through them.

Above: Effect for the 'Healing Totem' ability

David: Has there been anything particularly different or interesting in your work for Das Tal?

Alexander: Maybe! I have also been working as a texture artist for about 2 years, so I am able to give feedback on models and styles of textures.

Above: Effects for the 'Quadruple Nuke' ability

Jonas: Thanks for the interview Alexander! It was very nice to have a chat with you and I think that our Community will enjoy your short introduction here.

Alexander: Thank you for having me!

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