[Guide] Registering, Logging In and Switching Servers

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[Guide] Registering, Logging In and Switching Servers

Postby zerus » 03 Dec 2016, 00:08

Getting into the world of The Exiled can be a little tricky at times. To make it easier for you, here is a little guide that shows you how to start playing!

Downloading and Registering
The game can be downloaded over here: http://www.the-exiled.co/download
It is generally recommended downloading the patcher instead of the naked client, as you will have fewer issues.

To register an account, simply start the game after patching completely.
NOTE: If you have an active account from past tests, you don't need to create a new account. You can simply use your old one! :)
You will find yourself on the login menu. To create a new account, click on "Create Account".

Enter your desired account name and the key provided in the e-Mail or giveaway. Then click on "Create".

If you entered a correct key, you will be prompted to the login screen again, with your new account details entered.

When logging into a new account, you will be asked to verify your e-Mail. Enter a valid e-mail address and choose how you would like to be contacted about The Exiled (note: Das Tal is the old name of this game - lazy devs! ;) )

Creating a Character, Joining a Server
After logging into an account, you will find yourself on the character selection screen.

Since you don't have any characters on a new account, click on "Create Character".

Set up all options to your liking. Note that character names are cross-server!
The options to set yourself as "Looking for clan" and "Neutral" do not have any influence on your gameplay experience. They are just indicators to other players. The Friendly flag will be removed once you start to kill players, and the Looking for clan flag will be removed once you join a clan.

After logging in, you will start in the Tutorial. This is a seperate game area and not connected to any real gameplay server.
Complete the tutorial however you wish.

Note that after picking a weapon and armor, you can skip the tutorial by pressing Escape and clicking "Skip" on the top left.

After completing the tutorial, the game asks you to pick a server. It will suggest the best server based on ping, but if you click on [show], you can pick any server you want.

Switching Servers
Because of how the dying worlds system works, your choice of server is not permanent. You can leave your server once every 24 hours directly in the world. Everything is relocated except for settlements.
You can find the "Smuggler" at roughly 291 | 279 - refer to the bottom right minimap to see your current coordinates.

Any questions left? Feel free to post them here, or have a look at our Wiki over here: http://theexiled.gamepedia.com/The_Exiled_Wiki!

Feeling helpless? Check our Survival Guide!

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