[EU - Siroccio] Soul Survivors is recruiting players!

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[EU - Siroccio] Soul Survivors is recruiting players!

Postby 2.0 » 03 Dec 2016, 12:08

Who are we, we are the Soul Survivors!
We are a mature, competitive and organised clan.
We come.....!
We fight.......!
We conquer....!
We survive.......!

Victory is ours, for the taking!

Our fighting-style has to be combined into one, so teamplay is a must.
To do so we need communication, we do this through Teamspeak 3.
Name:TS3 Fairytale Distillery - Das Tal

We have to apply our tactics and train them ofcourse.
You have to be 16+ of age.
Speaking language is English.

If you like to join, just leave a reply and I will invite you or contact me in-game IGN: 2.0


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