Citadel Recruiting - US-Tornado | English | Discord & Mic Required

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Citadel Recruiting - US-Tornado | English | Discord & Mic Required

Postby Hazed » 02 Dec 2016, 22:02

Hey there!

Citadel is recruiting members on the US-Tornado server.

Who are we?
We're a mainly US based English speaking clan on US-Tornado. New and experienced players are both welcome. I and several of the other clan members who've been in previous tests will be happy to help teach you the game and/or answer any questions you have.

Outside of The Exiled, Citadel is a multi-game clan formed several months ago by a group of friends who have been playing together for nearly a decade that finally decided to just make an 'official' thing about it. We are happy to welcome newcomers to our ranks!

There is only one requirement. We require that all our members join our Discord server and have a mic, communication is vital in any pvp game.

How to join
Whisper 'Sayael' or 'Hazed' in game, reply to this topic, or send me a pm on the forums here.

See you in game!

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