WRUP: What are you playing?

Discuss your favorite character builds and team compositions.
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WRUP: What are you playing?

Postby dbltnk » 12 Apr 2016, 18:18

So yeah, what toons have you been rolling recently? This is what I have most experience with from the last playtest, fooled around with other builds, too. Might talk about those later. This one here was able to beat basically anyone in 1on1 if I played it well. Plus great in groups for the OP heal and CC. DPS not great though. Had the biggest trouble with Totems (DoTs so damn mana efficient). Bow/Leather or Scythe/Leather were also dangerous if I was stupid enough to let them spike and drain/heal at the same time.

Staff / Splint
  1. Magic Bolt (MAX)
  2. Fire Bolt (MAX)
  3. Staff Heal (MAX)
  4. Lightning Bolt (MED)
  5. Stasis (MED)
  6. Aggressive Leap (MAX)
  7. Ignore Pain (MED)
  8. Meat Shield (MED)
  9. Earth Wall (Roaming) // Incinerate (Sieges) (MIN)
Note: I used Ice Bolt for most of the alpha but decided that I did not need it to catch runners (Stasis/Wall/Leap) and did not want to give Leather users a free heal (Freedom).

  • Max PhysRes / MentRes / AbilitySpd / CooldownSpd
  • Min MP / HP / Det
  • Rest in Runspeed

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Re: WRUP: What are you playing?

Postby LRM » 12 Apr 2016, 19:03

As robe staff I'm going for :

Skills :
Mana bolt (max)
Heal other (min)
Frost bolt (max)
Fire bolt (max)
Lightning bolt (Max)
Stasis (med)
Blink (10)
Ghost (min)
Aether Form (min)
Swap (min)

Having played mostly solo during last alpha, robe was in my opinion the armor with the most escape capacity (blinking over rocks), and I love the cc of the staff.

Concerning the Ice Bolt, not only is it good at catching stragglers, I mainly use it to make my enemys slower and easier to aim.

Min : Det, Mana
Max: Cooldown, run speed

Min : Det Mana
Max: Physical res

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Re: WRUP: What are you playing?

Postby Aeschylus » 12 Apr 2016, 19:24

I'm running a totem splint Tank/DoT build, which can often steamroll people 1v1. I'm only at level 36 right now, so I haven't maxed all my skills yet. I'm also currently missing meat shield, and have meditate in it's place.

1. Muck (16)
2. Poison (18)
3. Burst (18)
4. Ignore Pain (0)
5. Barge (12)
6. Aggressive Leap (14)
7. Toxic Splash (14)
8. Transform Pain (0)
9. Meditate (0) right now

I plan on maxing 1-3, and balancing the rest of my points to 5-7 and meat shield. I haven't put any points into transform pain because it seems that doing so only decreases cooldown a small amount which feels like a waste to me.

Gear Totals (approximate, I can't find where I wrote them down):

- Health +370
- Energy -100 something
- Determination -72
- Run Speed -12
- Ability Speed +88
- Cooldown Speed +100 something
- Physical Resistance +508
- Mental Resistance +508

I went for the tankiest combo possible for armor and totem, making me very slow but hard to significantly damage while I whittle health away with DoT.

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Re: WRUP: What are you playing?

Postby Jarmo » 14 Apr 2016, 07:59


Still exploring kits that fits my play-style.

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Re: WRUP: What are you playing?

Postby ManuKuma » 15 Apr 2016, 13:04

Before Mayhem I played Totem/Leather and then Totem/Splint.
I specced mostly for Burst Damage + DoT (Muck, Poison, Burst, Spray,...) which was quite effective 1on1 and really good to finish off damaged individuals in bigger fights. Most difficult were opponents that could evade too easily or had good enough healing to stay alive until I got into low energy. Also had some problems with the controls for self heal - too often I would heal the opponent or damage myself ...

In Mayhem I tried Staff/Splint which seemed promising, but could not compete (especially later on) with mostly unlevelled starter skills in my belt - just did not have the time for the grind. I'm can use skill to make up for being a bit behind, but over time the power gap just got too large for me - would like a delayed fallback mechanism to gain patterns and pigments w/o grind.

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