WiP: Peoples of the Valley

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WiP: Peoples of the Valley

Postby dbltnk » 11 May 2016, 23:07

Been working on this yesterday. Definitely not final. Comments still welcome.


The Peoples of the Central Lands

The Hon: Feudal stewards of the fertile river lands. The Hon live in small village communities sprinkled along the Altu river. They were the first to turn to agriculture as a primary source of nutrients and soon managed to channel the fertile power of the river into their wet grain fields. Pottery was the second trade to come to them, being required to house the large amounts of grain produced after the blossoming season. The Hon rarely venture out onto the river Altu but they excel at different kinds of fishing and water-culture. They live in a very rigid culture of status and rank where each family in a village is assigned a rank based on power and wealth and has to defer to higher ranked families. The head of the highest ranked family is known as the “Hon-Sen” and is the de-facto leader of the village.

The Kytes: These “Children of the Wind” hail from the far open steppes of the west. Born into small families of constantly moving hunter-gatherers, these skillful riders traverse the grasslands following the migration of the game and their own cattle and the growth of the wild berries and grasses that make up a large portion of their diet. Skillful archers and exceptional leatherworkers, the Kytes value their family communities over everything else. Family decisions are generally made by consensus, only during larger hunts a Kothar or “master of the hunt” gets elected to make quick decisions for all hunters. Once every year, during the season of the wind, most Kyte families gather in the center of the steppes, in a place called Katharr (“cradle of the wind”) to trade, share new songs (the Kytes are exceptional singers) and to negotiate hunting grounds and movement patterns for the upcoming season.

The Ashukan: Born into the harsh and unforgiving deserts of the east, the Ashukan people are semi-nomads who put up their tents near the few oases of the desert. Since these oases tend to dry out over the years, Ashukan clans are used to migrating their homesteads at least once every generation. Each clan is ruled by a matriarch, the oldest female of the clan. Through foraging, trapping and the occasional bee-hive they can scratch out a living from the deadly desert. Their main source of income are the trade routes of the Urhuk empire that enter the desert bearing foreign spices and resources from the east and who bring grain and other food from the Hon villages back to their home lands. The Ashukan trade the opals and crystals of the desert with those caravans - and they get handsomely paid for sharing their water with them.

Other Peoples

The Urhuk Empire: Calling from the far east, the Urhuk empire is a mystery to most people in the central lands. Hailing from the far east, their trade caravans are always heavily guarded by armored, masked warriors. But they have never made any signs of aggression towards the people of the river. The Urhuk are ruled by “the everliving” - rumored to be a many-faced immortal god by its people - though in reality a group of wealthy merchants makes sure that each emperor is an impressive-looking but utterly dimwitted individual selected for public appearances who gets discharged of when first signs of aging show themselves.

The Sea People: Not much is known about the Sea People, other than their obvious connection to the big to the west, their proficiency with their canoes and long boats and their willingness to take anything worth carrying - especially food and tools - in their frequent raids along the river. Unknown to the inhabitants of the central lands, the Sea People are fighting a war of extinction against a global warming that slowly but surely has the sea swallow up the small islands they inhabit in the western ocean. Their raids are a necessity for survival and this necessity is what turns the many different tribes of Sea People to not only turn onto each other but also attack the mainland.

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