Official: Story and World (part 1 & 2)

Tell us your stories about the world and the people of The Exiled
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Official: Story and World (part 1 & 2)

Postby dbltnk » 09 Feb 2016, 17:10

Some more work by David (EmissaryWells) who took to our blog to give you some details on the world of the valley.

Part 1: ... rld-part-1
Part 2: ... rld-part-2


The Story Begins

Probably a good place to start is with saying that Das Tal does not take place in our world’s history. The only world known in Das Tal is the canyon the players will be confined to and the city that confines them. This city was built some time before Das Tal takes place, around 50 years. Those that built it were drawn from all over a sparse continent to the canyon and the river flowing into it. The canyon was rich with resources such as stone, wood and wildlife, in far greater quantities than found anywhere else.

As word of the canyon spread among the inland peoples, a slow but steady trickle of migration lead to small villages and shanty towns forming around the cliff edge where the river entered into the canyon. The problem faced by the people was that they could find no way down to the canyon floor. The cliffs were too sheer to climb and though one side was completely open to the ocean, their technology was too primitive to build any sort of ship capable of transporting more than a small group of people in calm water.

Eventually, a group of the hardiest of the population made the decision to scale the cliffs, with the hopes of setting up camp and starting work on a way to extract resources from the canyon. The party began gathering, and came up with an idea to use the power of the river to solve their problems. So began the construction of the Riverwalls, a great dam and aqueduct system that would simultaneously make entering the canyon easier as well as extracting resources possible.

The people on the river banks started diverting the flow of the river, digging channels and using the small amounts of timber they had, as the party in the valley began constructing large pillars which would support the system. It was then, while mining stone, that a substance was found in the valley that would determine the future of the people and their city.

The Story Continues

Last week we left off with the people both inside and outside the canyon working on creating a dam and aqueduct system to harness the power of the river. While mining stone for the pillars of the system, a strange substance was found. The workers could not decide what the substance even was, some sort of clay? It seemed malleable like clay, and yet was slightly transparent like a thick jelly. There seemed no obvious use for the substance, but the workers decided to extract a portion from the earth and take it back to camp out of curiosity.

After some speculating back at camp and a lot of shrugging, the worker who had found the sample tucked it away in a simple pouch made of river reeds. But the following evening when he went to take a look at his trophy, he found something very strange. In stead of the jelly like substance he had placed there, he found a ball of green fibre which seemed to have fused with the pouch containing it. Confused, he showed several of the other workers, and after some discussion they immediately set out to gather more of the substance. Two days later, their suspicions were confirmed, as they had watched this strange jelly slowly imitate and join with stone and wood that they had placed it against. It did not take long for the people to realise what this substance could help them achieve. It was as light as hay making transportation extremely easy, and yet when moulded on stone could create a colossal pillar in a matter of weeks. With 9 out of 10 workers now searching for and extracting this discovered substance, the construction of the entire dam and aqueduct system was completed in a mere 20 years.

Over the following 50 years, the people continued to use the substance to create an expansive city made of ivory and stone. The people had gone from living in tents and shacks to palaces in less than a century. Unsurprisingly, society was not so quick to catch up, and while the city was largely peaceful due to the ease of living they now enjoyed, class differences arose between the workers and those who now essentially sat around enjoying the city. Before any of these social differences could come to any sort of head, a sickness swept through the working class. Workers from the canyon and in the city became delirious with fever, and were bed ridden for days. In the weeks to come they began to suffer from growths on their skin, and many who woke from their coma were violent and incoherent.

A group of strange people began walking the streets, calling out to the citizens that they were being punished for tearing out the heart of the planet itself and using it for selfish means. They urged those who were not afflicted to cast the sick into the canyon, or watch the illness spread and destroy their civilisation. The city’s people took to this story quite easily, having only partially given up rituals and beliefs from their time living on the plains. The workers, who were now becoming less bed ridden patients and more deranged prisoners, were frantically transported to the canyon floor in the dam’s lift system. From then on the canyon was no longer a rich source of bounty for the city, but a prison and potential threat in stead.

The group who ordered the removal of the workers used the state of shock the city was in to take control, declaring themselves as a ruling council. Any who opposed them were imprisoned in the canyon along with the workers. That my friends takes us all the way up to the commencement of the game world. Players will be one of these citizens, damned to the canyon for any number of reasons the council decide.

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