Official: A Tale of the Valley

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Official: A Tale of the Valley

Postby dbltnk » 09 Feb 2016, 17:05

This short piece was written by David (EmissaryWells) in order to provide our Kickstarter launch with some flavour.

Source: ... andbox-mmo


"When we came to the Valley, it was rich in resources. It provided everything we could possibly need. We built a shining city above with the precious ores and timber we extracted. Now the Valley lays scorched and crumbling, emptied by our greedy hands. Our workers were swiftly abandoned when we became aware of the spreading sickness. They had been accumulating a substance in their bodies through everything they breathed, ate, or even just touched. Most died within months.

A new leader took control in the mayhem of the epidemic, ordering all the elevators to the Valley sealed and turning it into a huge prison. I found myself cast into the Valley by speaking out for the workers' cause, as did many others for standing up to this new dictator in any way. When we explored our new home we found that most of the workers had in fact not died, but had become mindless, violent beasts. We only survived our first encounter because a group of warriors burst from the nearby forest. They were swinging weapons with enough force to leave craters, some of them even shooting flames from their fingers.

Our rescuers took us to a nearby camp, fed us, and told us of how they had studied the substance that had begun to infect their bodies. With intricate tattooing, they were not only able to stop the substance from infecting their minds, but also harness this poison into granting them amazing powers. My first thought was that this was a gift. We could use this new-found strength to push out of the Valley and retake the city from the dictator who had condemned us to death.

But we quickly learned that life in the Valley currently was harsh and chaotic. Factions of survivors were constantly fighting over the scraps they needed to survive. The warriors went on to inform us that we could not even stay with them, as they simply did not have the resources to equip and feed us.

So, with the knowledge of how we can control this substance, we set out into the Valley. To face the hostile inhabitants that await us, but more importantly, to set a plan in motion to fight our way out of this place one day."

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