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Tell us your stories about the world and the people of The Exiled
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Welcome to the Lore Forum

Postby dbltnk » 09 Feb 2016, 16:58

Hey everybody,

over the last couple of years we have had many a discussion about the world in which Das Tal is set and abouts inhabitants. We've shared some stories with you and kept a lot of details to ourselves. Recently we started to think about opening up this part of the game's creation with all of you.

And so here it is: Our Lore Forum. In this part of the forum we'll post both official stories about the game world as well as brain-storming documents and pretty raw, unedited notes for you to peruse. Please feel free to read them and comment on them. And if you feel like you want to write a lore piece of your own about the valley and its inhabitants then please do so and share it here with us.

We might even contact you at some point and ask for your permission to incorporate some of your ideas into the game.

Cheers & kind regards


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