Clan glitching from jungle to north

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Clan glitching from jungle to north

Postby Valesia » 25 Feb 2017, 22:19

There is this this one clan called "Winners" on EU Spring.
They are glitching in to the north area, when debris is still blocking it off for everyone else.

This is pretty much not fair, as they can have all the resource spots and bases for themselves without any issue, while we have to fight for ours..


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Re: Clan glitching from jungle to north

Postby The_defender » 25 Feb 2017, 23:24


I know this bug too, and this clan also abuse of an another "bug" with spawn killing at tree during the capture of their land, with 2 man mass ganking you between 2 tree for like 45min so you can't play and better log off .

if an admin send me private message i can tell him how they do it to go up on this land (there is multiple way), i also have some other bugs to tell .

Cordially The_defender of player rights :) .

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