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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Agent_Tron » 15 May 2015, 17:31

Hey Guys,

Agent_Tron here, Long time darkfall player with Covert Operations. We're definitely planning on checking this game out. I signed up for alpha can't wait to check the game out. I loved bloodline champions and have been waiting for a top down sandbox. Good luck with the kickstarter I've already told a lot of people about it!

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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby SirTrick » 15 May 2015, 18:46

Heyho people of the Gaming World,

my name is Patrick and I'm from Germany. Im really excited to play this game! I already played many differnet MMO's, Moba's and other genre and I really want to try this game out :)

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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Zoltariel » 15 May 2015, 19:18

dbltnk wrote:Welcome to the crew, Zoltariel! We're currently at 8+2 skills and I promise not to make that number much higher. I'm also a big fan of having a limited amount of awesome skills. =D

Awesome! Sounds good to me.

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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby dbltnk » 15 May 2015, 21:55

Tron, Patrick: Welcome on board!

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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Rptro » 18 May 2015, 06:07

Hello valley people,
I'm Marcel from Germany. 21 years old, player of all kinds of different genres. I'm excited for the experience Das Tal is promising.
Can't wait to jump into game and see you guys. Don't wonder when you don't see me in return. I will be the blade in the dark stabbing your back. ;P
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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Emissary » 18 May 2015, 18:19

Welcome, welcome everyone ^.^

Awesome to see some new names here with the Kickstarter in full swing. Appreciate your thoughts and questions here on the forums too, keep them coming!


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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Temere » 21 May 2015, 05:07


My name is Morgan, from Queensland, Australia. 20 year old
I recently backed the kickstarter, but haven't had the time to join the forums due to working reasons.

Been playing games since before I was even in school. With the early sonic games on the mega drive. Got into the MMORPG scene in 2005 with everyones first stone, Runescape then titles like Shaiya and Last Chaos moving on to many others.
Entered the PvP games in about 2009 and have since had participation in more Alpha and Beta game testing than I can remember.
This game caught my eye somewhere I cant' remember, but it really grabbed me.

Seems I've got a lot to read through on these forums to catch up with what's been updated and currently being worked on.

Nice to meet you all and hope to game with you all eventually (y)
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I seek my thrills in Gaming.

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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Cogbyrn » 22 May 2015, 18:41

Hey folks!

My name's Adam from the US of A. I'm a 29 year old digital analytics consultant who has been playing video games since before I could hold a controller (my parents like to tell the story of me sitting on their lap saying "GET THE BIG!"). Once I hit computer gaming, I started with RTSes (StarCraft, WarCraft 2, Dawn of War), Combat Flight Sims (F-22 Lighting 3, Jane's USAF), and FPSes (Counter-Strike starting with 1.3, Unreal Tournament 2k4). I started up with MMOs via Guild Wars, then transitioned to World of Warcraft and have since played basically every AAA MMO I've seen on the market (SW: TOR, Age of Conan, Tabula Rasa, TERA, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Aion, I'm sure i"m forgetting some).

It was Age of Conan that really instilled the thrill of free-for-all open-world PvP. I started in on MOBAs with DotA back in WC3, then dabbled in them as new ones released. Bloodline Champions hit me hardest, with a unique style of combat that I didn't even realize I was looking for. I've spent hundreds of hours in that game, though once scenarios stopped queuing, I realized that a simple, arena-based fight was much less interesting. I still play whenever I can because I want that style in my life, but I want something more interesting than a slam-fest arena queue.

Enter: Das Tal. I saw a note about this on a blog from Umbra, which I recently backed. A Sandbox MMO PvP game? Sure, I'll look into it.

And now I'm incredibly excited. The narrative of open-world PvP always intrigues me, and I love the thrill of a random encounter. Even in Guild Wars 2, most of my thousand or so hours have been spent in WvW, mostly roaming solo and sometimes tagging along with guilds/groups. I can't get enough of an unexpected fight in an unexpected location. I want more BLC-style combat in my life, and I'm no longer a fan of any sort of grind in games. I don't care about vertical progression. I want to harken back to the old days of gaming, where it was about the thrill of victory. Competitive spirit brought you back for more, not skins or XP gains or new weapons or whatever. I didn't spend 4 years of my life playing Counter-Strike for hours every night because of progression. I did it because I wanted to dominate harder, get a higher KDR, and generally improve.

So I'm hoping this is a success. It has some interesting hurdles to jump, but I think once the right niche market catches wind of it, it should sail nicely. I'm really looking forward to testing it out as soon as I can, as well as reading (and hopefully providing input on) the ideas flowing throughout the forums. The communication between the developer and the community is already exciting to me.

Looking forward to the future!

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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby dbltnk » 22 May 2015, 18:46

Welcome to both of you!

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Re: Introduction Thread

Postby Massacre » 22 May 2015, 18:57

Hey all!

I backed this project because I believe the focus on pvp and the recurring wipes suit my play style. And also, German quality! What could go wrong? :lol:

Two questions:

1: Will I be able to change my character/class between the wipes but still enjoy the "meta-advantages" as in cooler gear etc. or will it be more like create a character/class and stick with it until you make a new one and start over?

2: Are you guys on IRC?


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