Possibly Trying Out Exiled

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Possibly Trying Out Exiled

Postby Orcius » 12 Mar 2017, 05:40


I just recently discovered this game, however I have not tried the trial or made any purchases. My #1 question is; Can I make an account, try the free trial and then upgrade on same account?

Furthermore, I really dislike the p2w model of getting boosted xp, etc. for paying. I am a veteran of UO, Mortal Online, Darkfall, and this looks somewhat like a UO reincarnate so I'm very interested as would be a large niche of the "hard core" mmo gaming population I know. Thanks!

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Re: Possibly Trying Out Exiled

Postby Weacko » 12 Mar 2017, 12:04

Hello there!

Yes; you play via your Steam account and upgrade that same Steam account afterwards.
I'm glad you're interested in The Exiled: Bring your friends!
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