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Postby jthaanum » 01 Mar 2017, 20:37

Hey all, I just recently started playing this game and I LOVE the idea of it and how it plays. Of course there are little things here and there that need changing but the one that would absolutely kill any chance of this game being successful is the rubber-banding. It is nearly unplayable. I am not sure if it is just west coast US that is having issues but I do know that out of 5-6 friends I got to try the game out 2-3 just left instantly bc of the lag and rubber-banding. My ping was constantly around 70 and I was still having issues. Any thoughts or future fixes?

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Re: Rubberbanding!

Postby Lash » 02 Mar 2017, 10:59

Since the hotfix 1.0.1 patch, our clan members have said that the lag has gone down significantly at least. I only experienced 1 lag spike over a few hours of playing since that patch.

Something of relevance is Vitaliy's (developer at Valve) experience trying to debug dropped packets in the game Counter-Strike:Global Offensive: ... planation/

Some important points:

It was unfortunate that the most recent update found many people not having a sufficient network connection to maintain the required packet frequency for the servers, but if clients are unable to consistently deliver packets at a rate required for the server tickrate, we believe that it would be unfair to put all enemy players who have consistent network connection at a disadvantage. We however provide the settings for sever operators and league administrators to configure their servers as required.

The upcoming Wednesday update will increase the default value of the convar to 16 allowing a default experience of max 2.6ft (~80 centimeters) teleportation on 128-tick servers and thus arriving at a good default compromise for people not to stutter on local clients and not to cause too much teleporting from enemies' perspective as their network latency conditions or packet drops fluctuate by +125 ms. All Valve servers will also have the settings providing an equivalent movement restriction in 64-tickrate conditions.

So could it be that widening the net of players has led to people with poor connections (ping isn't everything) to experience things too. There are known issues with games (like CS:GO) having to compromise on the allowable dropped packets since many peoples internet connections, for whatever reason, seem to drop lots of packets at high tick rates.

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Re: Rubberbanding!

Postby hagish » 02 Mar 2017, 12:44

Fighting lag, rubberbending and lag spikes is an ongoing thing. There are always performance issues that only occur under real load and therefore are really hard to find upfront with testing and bots. It is a constant loop of adding more monitoring and tracking to detect those issues and fixing them.
We are working on it :P

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