Anyone know what the stars above people heads are?

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Anyone know what the stars above people heads are?

Postby kRazed » 04 Dec 2016, 18:15

I have seen some people with 1 or 2 or 3 stars and in Bronze, Silver, Gold. Does anyone know how that system works? I've had bronze before but it disappeared the next day.

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Re: Anyone know what the stars above people heads are?

Postby infamousxiii » 04 Dec 2016, 18:44

They seem to be a gauge of how strong a player is. If a strong character attempts to travel to lower areas, they are hit with stat penalties of some type. If you are starting out, perhaps avoid players with a lot of stars under their name.

Also, the armor and weapons visually change when they are +1 or +2 etc. If they look the same as you, then they have the same level armor.

If they have a red ring below them, they have stat penalties and you can probably kill them if you aren't too outclassed.

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Re: Anyone know what the stars above people heads are?

Postby Weacko » 06 Dec 2016, 23:06

Hello infamousxiii,

Here is how the "star ranking" algorithm works: You gain points for four things:
- gear
- skill points in your skill bar
- playtime (per account)
- a good kill/death ratio
Based on this we rank all players who were active in the last 24 hours from highest to lowest. The upper players get the stars. Of course during your first hours playing the game, you get the newbie tag.

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Re: Anyone know what the stars above people heads are?

Postby Nysek » 01 Mar 2017, 20:13

Well I've had a few run ins in PVP, a few wins 1v2/3/4, and upgraded my abilities to 40 out of 48 points (level 18). I can use +0 weapons/armors without gaining a single star.

If I equip +1 or higher in even one slot, it gives me 1 star. If I equip +3 I gain two stars, but I can't remember the color. Which I found rather silly as that means a level 14 (not even all 10 skill slots) spending all of their skill upgrades cannot wear +3 armor which is the highest you can go prior to going into a settlement.

Shouldn't this be raised slightly? Since another person that was with me while I tested this had 48 points spent (level 18) but claimed he couldn't even wear his +0 equipment. For a new player, unlocking all your skill points and most likely upgrading all of your skills to cap as well as getting +3 gear should at least be acceptable in the southern areas or at least the first section to the north.

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