Staff spell

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Staff spell

Postby Stupple » 03 Dec 2016, 02:28

try use search button but nothing come up.

but i be play with staff for few hours notes then point less in PVP. i mean in clan/group PVP u need to watch you shoting as you can hit ur tream mates witch is fine but the traget sysment is not right if i TARGET BAD and good is close he will will get hit as image say mouse if over the BAD who i mark with RED cross but GOOD get hit.


2nd if some get close to you. Your norm att will kill you here lots time i killed me self not notices that u can kill your self with norm spell this not just in pvp or in pve to.

not sure it how that spooned to be or not. cant use search as it keep telling nothing can be found

sorry about grammar/spell got bad dyslexic

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Re: Staff spell

Postby Z4ipher » 03 Dec 2016, 18:57

All spells are projectiles and skillshots, that means, first to stand in the hit detection radius of the projectile will activate the damage area, so if a friends stands between you and your enemy your friend will get hit.

Hitting yourselfes is just like hitting your friends/foes in this game, anything that is inside the damage area gets damage. As a staff user your role is to deal high area of effect damage from far away. If an enemy gets close you have a problem. Youll always need to stay away from the enemy as far as possible with staff. Your clanmates should try to stop any enemy from getting to you.

(There might be some balancing problems, but balancing is still tweaked and not final yet)

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Re: Staff spell

Postby Stupple » 07 Dec 2016, 13:25

i understand that but few times now i target an monster ON lefts side of me and i was get hit i could do any damage to it unless i teleport and att it form other side same goes in pvp. and as my image say i have clear LINE of Sight to enemy yet i sill hit some eles

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