Season scale gameplay - Season victory conditions

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Season scale gameplay - Season victory conditions

Postby ManuKuma » 09 Aug 2016, 21:44

Thought a bit more about the season end - the current mechanics and lore are still a bit arbitrary and inconclusive. That made it difficult to come up with a good finale for my story draft ...

From an earlier thread:
Thought a bit more about "Respect": I now understand it to be the equivalent of "victory points" in board games.
So I guess the system for respect in the game currently is difficult to judge, because most options on generating victory points aka respect are still missing from the game AND the players are not aware of its use since most parts of the victory feedback are also missing.
I am excited to see how it will all shape up ...

I guess Das Tal could benefit from a mechanism, that makes extra demands of the leaders in the respect boards: less respect per donation / additional expected donations ... This would make catching up easier.

Also: split the leader board into multiple leagues and show every player their placement in their league. Being 8th in the 4th bracket is nicer than being #465. A re-legation mechanism after donation rounds will make for competition in every bracket/ league ...

The current lore draft afaik goes like "There are some mighty warriors. Gain respect to be choosen to fight along them in the rebellion."
This has some drawbacks: The real heroes and action is offscreen. The playable game is just a casting show for support roles in the real event.

Of course, you can do without lore, but consistent lore goes a long way explaining the games rules and mechanics and adding a layer of engagement.

Imho the main conflict of the lore should show in the season end game. The players should feel like the real protagonists.
To give endgame PvP a direction, some notion of factions is necessary. Proposal: Factions are Rebels and Jailors. Depending on which faction wins (e.g. endgame boss mob killed or not, capture of an engame capture spot, limited total score of tributes?), a different victory point counter is used - Respect among the Rebels and Compliance to the Jailors. Respect is gained from actions beneficial to the Rebels (e.g. donating to the valley defence, donating patterns to the dojo, rebuilding the valley, fight club, ...), Compliance is gained from donating tribute to the jailors. Tributes give negative Respect, so it is not possible to maximize both counters simultaneously. To little tributes cause jailor attacks. So for the endgame every clan and solo-player will have a preferred outcome and more structured endgame PvP will be the result. There is a clear win or loss for the two factions. Leaderboards are still viable.

Lore could be like: The city and the jailors really need resources, especially substance essences to keep the immortals outside the valley going. The rebels want to deny those to the city to weaken it (allowing the valley and the supressed neighbours of the city to gain independence). The final fight could include the capture of a big lump of substance - the core causing a part the valley to be accessible for a limited time...

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Re: Season scale gameplay - Season victory conditions

Postby ManuKuma » 09 Aug 2016, 21:55

An additional faction could be the Revenants that collect Corruption, introducing a fight against the dark side of the substance. Revenants will hoard/donnate substance and build totems generating Corruption. Rebels and Jailors get debuffs from those and can gain substance by destroying them. (Somehow cleansing the valley could also be part of the rebel agenda)

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