[WIP] Surviving The Alpha

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[WIP] Surviving The Alpha

Postby zerus » 18 Jul 2016, 16:33

NOTE: There currently is a WIP progress Wiki with more detailed information. You can find it over here: http://theexiled.gamepedia.com
Seen any errors in there? Please let me know.

Surviving in The Exiled can be tough, especially at the beginning of a server when everyone is figuring out the optimal way to play - and tries to kill every living thing in the game!
This small guide is aimed to assist you out there in the world of The Exiled and give you a general direction to success - whatever success means to you :).

Basic Survival Rules - that I totally did not make up just now
First Rule: Dying is a key element of this game! Just like other full PvP games you will fight a lot, and as a result you will also die a lot. You should get used to it and always play as if you could get into a deadly fight around the next corner.

Second Rule: Know your surroundings, and know your enemy. Knowing quick escape routes is helpful when trying to flee from a fight, and knowing where many players will be will help you avoid high-risk scenarios. Explore the world and plan out your movement routes ahead in time. Also keep an eye on who can be around you: A settlement will probably have players of the owning clan around. If you're enemies, better watch out!

Third Rule: Don't carry stuff that you can not afford to lose. Some of you might find this familiar, and it is true: If you take three days to craft +8 gear but then waste it in the first fight you get because you were completely outnumbered and underleved, you just wasted three days. Take it easy with your gear, focus on becoming an overall better player first. And if you have items on you that you want to keep: Put them in a stash!

General Questions / FAQ
What do I do ...
... if I am stuck?
Press Z! It will reset you to your latest binding, but it will also drop all your inventory items(your equipped gear is safe). You(and other players!) will be able to pick them up again, though.

... if I want to change my gear? (Also applies if you don't have any)
Visit a dojo, make sure you are not currently upgrading any skills (bottom right "Training Costs" shows no pigments), then just pick your desired weapon and armor and hit "Apply".

... if I want to create / leave / join a clan?
Create: Press 'N'(default hotkey), give your clan a name and click on the Create Clan button-
Leave: Press 'N'(default hotkey) and then press the "Leave Clan" button in the bottom right.
Join: Hit 'Escape'(default hotkey) and then in the bottom right click on "Accept". You have to be invited first.

... if I can't find the key bindings you mentioned?
In case it is not completely broken, try either opening 'J' to open the controls menu, or press 'Escape' and use the menu on the left to find it.

What happens when I die?
All your inventory items can be looted on your corpse. There is also a chance that you drop your currently equipped gear. This chance depends on a) the grade of the gear (+3, +5, +8 etc) as well as how many times you died already.

Should you not be ganked ('0' default hotkey), you will get up with any items that were left on you. If you are ganked, all items will immediately drop on the ground and you will be reset to your bound oasis. You still need to get up though and can be ganked again! If you are ganked at your bound oasis, you will be respawned to a random oasis nearby.

What are the stars beanath a character's name?
This is a rating system, your "power ranking" given by the game. "Newcomer" indicates that you are a new player and all players will get a message upon killing you ("Hey, you just killed a newbie. Rude."; something along those lines).

Also, the first desert area is declared a newbie zone. Every player ranked with one star or above will get debuffs in this area making it easier for C players to kill them.

NPCs also prioritize players with a higher ranked. So if you're a one-star player being followed by an three-stars player, just get into a group of NPCs and get some help! :)

Can I put my items somewhere?
There are stashes in the various "free cities". You can only have one stash active at a time; if you want to move your stash you have to empty your first one and move all the items over to the other one manually.
You also can upgrade your stash to make it bigger.

Clans can also build warehouses to store items and give access to clan members.

Beginner's Guide
Character progression

There are basically two types of progression in the game: your character level that gives limits to your builds, such as maximum amount of skills in your skill bar(up to 10), maximum ability points to spend and how many skills you can learn at the same time.

You can level up your character by doing activities such as killing monsters, completing events or using essences. However, there is a limit on how much XP you can gain over time. If you check your character status you see "Active XP" and "Item XP" - both get lower each time you use them (active XP = activities, item XP = essences) so that your efficiency of leveling up drops over time. If you don't use them for a long time, you get a bonus so that you level up quicker for while.

Be aware that item XP is also used for crafting and building!

The second type is the skill progression itself: https://abload.de/img/screenshot_2016-07-18pukua.png
Skills can be leveled up to make them stronger. You can find the parameter that scales with each upgrade within the skill description: Some scale in damage, some in duration and so on.

Leveling up your skills requires a high enough character level as well as pigments. Pigments are items dropped by monsters and events in various colors, and each equipment type requires a different color.
If you press M to open your world map, you can see in what areas to find specific colors.

Character progression is never lost on death. I highly recommend focusing on this part first if you are new to the game.
You can also create gear at the workshop. Generally, gear gives you a small bonus in attribute points and makes you a bit stronger.

Another purpose of gear is to specialize your character build even further. As you can see in the screenshot, I increased "Cooldown Speed" and removed Energy and Health in exchange. This reduces my cooldown times but gives me less health and energy.

To be able to craft such an item, I need to make sure that I keep the balance at 0. Cooldown Speed to the max on this item requires 18 balance points. Energy to the minimum gives 8, Health to the minimum gives 10. So -18 and +18; perfect balance! If I wanted to give me physical resistance in addition, I would have to reduce something else.

Crafting gear also requires materials that can be found on the map, depending on the type of item you want to craft, as well as ingredients, depending on the types of attributes you want to buff.

You can get both from killing monsters or doing events.

Any further questions? Take a look at the Wiki: http://theexiled.gamepedia.com/The_Exiled_Wiki

Map Events
You probably already noticed the meteors, carcasses, caravans and named mobs. All of these things are events on the map that happen more or less randomly.

Carcasses and Meteors ...
... have to be manually activated by pressing space with the mouse over them. Both will trigger a 5-minute-timer during which you have to defend the event.

While carcasses will simply have wave of monsters spawning and trying to kill you and the carcass, meteoers will spawn pulsating eggs. These eggs will hatch explosive snappers that will try to burst down the meteor - so be sure to kill the eggs fast!

You can also attack and kill meteors or carcasses yourself, for example to destroy resources for enemy players. The other way works as well: You can heal up your meteor or carcass again with certain skills.

Caravans ...
... are spawned from resource points and transport resources to settlements. They belong to the clan that owns the resource spot and will try to bring the resources to the respective clan's settlement. Should the resource spot not be owned or the clan not have a settlement, the caravans will move to the player cities. (Needs confirmation)

Killing caravans gives a lot of XP and resources. The resources do not depend on the area where you killed; instead they carry resources from the resource point. So a Wood Camp will spawn wood caravans and so on.


Named mobs...
... are a new addition and I'm not sure exactly how they work! :lol:

But here is what I know: They can spawn randomly in any enemy camp (Jailors Encampments, Revenant Camps etc).
Killing them rewards you with quite a bit of XP as well as ability patterns of their respective class.

Here's what one of them looks like: https://abload.de/img/screenshot_2016-07-18ytkql.png

Clans and Settlements
Clans are a central element of Das Tal and unless you're a hardcore solo PvPer. You can form one very simply by pressing N(and using the explanation below).

Clans are ruled by an elected dictator. Players can cast their vote for a leader all the time and the leader can give different kind of priviliges to players: https://abload.de/img/clan1f1j3c.png

Clan members will be able to see each [url)https://abload.de/img/screenshot_2016-07-17eqk37.png]other on the map all the [/url] and have less priority in AoE. So if you cast an AoE skill on a clan member, and next to it there is an enemy, the clan member will not get hit.

Clans can claim settlements that are marked on the map and "marked" with trees/building ruins. It costs 300 hemp, 300 wood, 300 clay and 100 xp to claim an unsettled settlement.

Once a clan has claimed a settlement, the clan can build and use the surrounding buildings. (In the current alpha, there are some buildings that currently can't be built).

Leaders can give access to these buildings to friendly clans/players as well as deny access to specific clan members: https://abload.de/img/screenshot_2016-07-216ak82.png; this way you can organize warehouses and so on.

Resource Points
Resource points are captureable every day around primetime (not all at the same time) for about 30 minutes. The last owner of the resource point will be the "owner of the day" and keep the resource point unless someone else captures it. Capturing is done by standing in the resource point's range for 60 seconds. If the point is already captured, it takes another additional 60 seconds to first de-capture it.

After the fight ends, the winner is rewarded with a lot of resources that can be looted for 30 minutes. After that, caravans will spawn from the resource point (see section about caravans).

You can read up about how sieges work here: http://theexiled.gamepedia.com/Sieges

Once again, if you have any further questions, please refer to the Wiki: http://theexiled.gamepedia.com/The_Exiled_Wiki
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Re: [WIP] July Alpha Beginner's Guide and FAQ

Postby dbltnk » 18 Jul 2016, 16:56

You are the best. Will add this to our login msg for all newbies to see.

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Re: [WIP] July Alpha Beginner's Guide and FAQ

Postby zerus » 18 Jul 2016, 17:11


If I explain anything wrong, feel free to just correct it. Will update this whenever a new question pops up etc. :)

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Re: [WIP] July Alpha Beginner's Guide and FAQ

Postby Hazed » 19 Jul 2016, 17:50

When you use Z to teleport to your bind point you will only drop items in your inventory. Your guide says that you will also drop your gear.

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Re: [WIP] July Alpha Beginner's Guide and FAQ

Postby zerus » 19 Jul 2016, 19:04

Good catch. I'm not sure if gear chances apply on Z as well or if they're just completely safe. Need to try that out later.

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Re: [WIP] July Alpha Beginner's Guide and FAQ

Postby dbltnk » 19 Jul 2016, 19:52

Gear never drops on recall. Only on death.

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Re: [WIP] July Alpha Beginner's Guide and FAQ

Postby zerus » 21 Jul 2016, 17:17

Added a small section for clans as requsted! :)

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Re: [WIP] Surviving The Alpha

Postby zerus » 02 Dec 2016, 22:25

I updated the thread with current information. Let me know if something is missing :).

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Re: [WIP] Surviving The Alpha

Postby draedo » 05 Dec 2016, 03:27

nice guide!
-Draedo Da'Severti

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Re: [WIP] Surviving The Alpha

Postby Panda Dumpster » 09 Dec 2016, 18:30

Is there green pigments in game yet? I don't see it on the map for pigments. Thanks for writing an awesome guide it really helped a lot.

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